4 realities the 2022 Vikings and their fans have to face

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(Photo by Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Odell Beckham Jr. /
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Minnesota’s games are all going to be nailbiters

Another reality the Vikings and their fans need to come to terms with is that the majority of the remaining Vikings games are going to be nailbiters. Vikings fans should be used to this by now,   as pretty much all of the team’s wins have come down to the wire.

This is a team that just isn’t built to blow their opponents out of the water. They’ll have a great drive on offense, and then the defense allows the opponent to march down the field and tie the score. Or they’ll have a turnover in their opponents’ territory only to get sacked on the next play and eventually be forced to punt.

They can’t seem to put all three phases together until late in games, and that’s why things have been so close. They’ve done it so frequently this season it’s become their identity.

This style of play may actually benefit the team in the playoffs. They know that games aren’t over until they are over. They have come back from certain defeats multiple times, and that fight they show late in games could shock and surprise a team that may let up thinking that they have already advanced to the next round.