Vikings CB Patrick Peterson starts feud with ex-teammate

(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) Patrick Peterson
(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) Patrick Peterson /

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson recently decided to bash his ex-teammate, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

The tenure of Patrick Peterson with the Minnesota Vikings has served as an enjoyable experience for both the player and the organization. After signing Peterson to a one-year contract extension this past offseason, he’s already racked up three interceptions in 2022.

But even in the middle of the Vikings‘ 9-2 season, one where Peterson made a game-sealing interception against the Buffalo Bills, the cornerback has still found time to take shots at his former team and their current quarterback.

On his podcast “All Things Covered”, Peterson went on to say that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray ”don’t care about nobody but Kyler Murray.

Murray was not happy with the comment by his former teammate and went on to Twitter to address the matter.

By feuding with Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, Patrick Peterson could be serving as a distraction for the Minnesota Vikings

While Peterson has to stay up-to-date as a podcast host, it may not have been the most sound move to mention a current player’s struggles on air, especially those of a former teammate. Additionally, Peterson already picked up his revenge game win against the Cardinals this season, so why is he still talking about them?

At best, it just appears as if Peterson is keeping the situation between him and Murray going. At worst, he’s putting salt in the wound.

The cornerback hinted at a feud with Murray earlier this season when he took a shot at him with an end zone celebration, pretending to play a video game.

Now, Peterson is full-fledged anti-Murray, but he’s doing this while Minnesota is 9-2 and is depleted in the secondary, as rookies Andrew Booth Jr. and Lewis Cine are done for the year, and Cam Dantzler is still on injured reserve.

With these injuries, there are some players currently available that the Vikings could sign to help bolster a depleted secondary. Former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman remains available, and while a move like that would help the on-field situation, it may not help the off-field one.

Minnesota needs extra bodies in their secondary as it is, and now Peterson is getting caught up in the middle of a spout with his old teammate, who will most likely miss the playoffs completely this season.

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