6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss vs. Packers in Week 17

Kirk Cousins (Mandatory Credit: Wm. Glasheen-USA TODAY Sports)
Kirk Cousins (Mandatory Credit: Wm. Glasheen-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Minnesota’s offense got shut down

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings have seen the team have cold streaks where they struggle to move the chains, but this game against the Packers saw early every weapon be taken away and pressure consistently getting to Cousins.

Minnesota’s run game was non-existent (we’ll talk more about it later) but it was even more disappointing that Cousins and Jefferson couldn’t recreate their magic from their first meeting with Green Bay.

Justin Jefferson had only five targets on the day and he only hauled in one of those for 15 yards while facing some very physical defense. Green Bay effectively removed him from being a factor in the game.

To put things in perspective, Vikings receivers were only targeted 19 times out of 35 pass attempts. Green Bay clamped down on Minnesota’s receivers and made it difficult for them to get a clean release while pressure closed in on Cousins from up the middle.