5 most disappointing Vikings in the blowout loss to the Packers in Week 17

(Photo by Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports) Greg Joseph
(Photo by Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports) Greg Joseph /
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Justin Jefferson – WR

Justin Jefferson and Jaire Alexander were exchanging smack talk during the week leading up to the Packers game. Alexander was a bit more disrespectful, calling the first matchup a fluke.

After hearing this, many Vikings fans assumed that Jefferson was going to be extra fired up and determined to prove the Packers’ corner wrong. Some went as far as saying he’d break the receiving record in this game after getting that bulletin board material midweek from the man who would be covering him.

Jefferson didn’t come close to hitting that mark, as he only caught one pass on the day. While he was tripled covered the majority of the game, there is no denying that Alexander got in his head. He was very physical with Jefferson off the line of scrimmage, jamming him hard every single snap.

Early in the game, Alexander got away with a complete mugging of Jefferson, then he had the audacity to do the Griddy after what was clearly a penalty. No flags were thrown on the coverage or the taunt, only throwing gasoline on the fire of arrogance that is Jaire Alexander.

Jefferson got extremely frustrated throughout the remainder of the game, and at one point, he violently ripped off his helmet, unintentionally smacking a referee with it, which will likely result in a hefty fine later this week.

Jefferson is the best receiver in the NFL today, there’s no doubt about that. It is a bit concerning though, how he didn’t rise to the occasion and destroy the guy who was talking smack about him all week long. Instead, he got shut down and had his worst game of the season.