5 Bold Predictions: Vikings vs. Giants – 2022 Wild Card Round

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Minnesota Vikings
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It will be even louder at U.S. Bank Stadium

The last time the Giants visited Minneapolis, there was a whiteout. We’re not talking about the massive winter storm that shut down nearly half the roads in the state. We’re talking about an all-white crowd, all-white jerseys, and a raucous environment at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Even the end zones, traditionally donned with purple, were painted white for the occasion, but for Giants offensive lineman Nick Gates, the crowd wasn’t loud enough.

“Actually, I thought it would be a lot louder,” Gates told reporters this week. “I thought, especially when our offense is out there, they would be a lot louder out there. But you know, they’re midwest people. They’re too nice. I can say it because I went to Nebraska. I include myself in that one.”

Football fans are interesting creatures. The moment someone says anything bad about their fan base or football team, a different kind of rage comes out. It’s kind of like when Ron Burgandy slammed San Diego on live television, and the guy at the bar screamed, “Nobody talks about my city that way!”

That’s why when Gates and the Giants offense takes the field, his quote will flash on the jumbotrons, unleashing the type of fury that produced a 120-decibel level during the Minneapolis Miracle.

Perhaps it won’t be that loud, but with a late kickoff, Vikings fans will be ready on Sunday.