5 most disappointing Vikings in the playoff loss to the Giants

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Eric Kendricks
(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) Eric Kendricks /
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Ed Donatell – Defensive Coordinator

This is the big, obvious, stinky, and gross performance of the week. Ed Donatell is easily the most disappointing Viking this week, and he should be ashamed of the way his defense played against the Giants.

The Vikings’ defense gave no resistance to Daniel Jones and the Giants’ offense. Wide receivers were running wide-open all day long, there was little to no pressure on Daniel Jones, and Saquon Barkley was averaging nearly six yards a carry.

The defense didn’t force a punt until late in the third quarter, and the only time the Giants were really stopped was when they made a mistake.

What makes this performance even worse is what Donatell said earlier in the week. He stated that “I think you’ll like the way we play.”

Not sure what Vikings fans were supposed to like about this performance, where well over 400 yards of offense were given up. The fact he talked a little smack, and then his unit laid an egg is downright sad.

While some of the blame needs to be placed on the players, Donatell’s defense has been one of the worst in the entire NFL. He needs to be fired, and if there was any doubt prior to the Wild Card game, there sure as hell isn’t anymore. Donatell must go, as this defense isn’t just disappointing, it is embarrassing.