Four Vikings who shouldn’t be handed their starting job in 2023

(Photo by Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Bynum
(Photo by Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Bynum /
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The Minnesota Vikings are beginning to prepare for the 2023 season. Who are three players who should not be handed their starting job next year.

The Minnesota Vikings are already knee-deep in preparations for free agency and the NFL Draft. While the 2022 season didn’t end the way they had hoped, there’s no time to dwell on the past. Instead, all efforts of the coaching staff and the front office need to focus their energy on trying to get this team better and have them ready to compete for a title in 2023.

There will be plenty of tough decisions that will have to be made and there are a handful of positions that will have new starters. The majority of those will take place on defense as that side of the ball was the 2022 team’s Achille’s heel. While some positions will have new players who are replacing aging or cut ones, there are a handful of positions where perhaps a subpar starter is returning.

That player maybe struggled or just didn’t meet expectations a year ago. While they will still be in line to start again, these members of the Purple shouldn’t just inherit their starting job again. They should be forced to earn it by having to compete and fight for the right to start. Here are four Vikings who can’t be handed their starting jobs in 2023.