Adam Thielen sends clear message to Vikings about his future in Minnesota

(Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) Adam Thielen
(Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) Adam Thielen /

Adam Thielen’s future with the Minnesota Vikings is murky, and he commented on what might be in store this offseason. 

Among the many offseason decisions the Minnesota Vikings need to make, what to do with Adam Thielen ranks near the top.

He’s spent his entire career with the Vikings, going to Pro Bowls and collecting accolades along the way. Born and raised in Minnesota, Thielen has also become a fan favorite over the years, and will end his career with the Vikings as one of the franchise’s most beloved figures.

When his career with the team ends is suddenly an important question. The Vikings enter the offseason roughly $23 million over the cap, and decisions need to be made about key players like Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook.

Jefferson isn’t going anywhere, but he’s in line for a monster contract extension that will further put the Vikings in a financial bind. To make room for their wide receiver of the future, Minnesota might need to part with one from the past.

Adam Thielen wants to return to Minnesota Vikings in 2023

“I’ll say this, I feel like I can really play at a high level still, and I can do the things I’ve done my whole career” Thielen told Stacking The Box. “I want to help a football team win games, to get to a championship, and win a Super Bowl.”

That’s nothing new, as Vikings fans are well aware of Thielen’s work ethic and how much he’s given to the franchise over the course of his career. From partnering with Stefan Diggs to mentoring Justin Jefferson, Thielen has been nothing short of a true leader in Minnesota for as long as he’s been there.

It’s also no secret that Thielen has more years behind him than ahead, and the opportunities for him to win a Super Bowl before his career is over are dwindling.

“I want to end my career in Minnesota. Will that happen, I don’t know,” Thielen said, reiterating that he knows he can play at a high level for a Super Bowl contender. “If they feel the same way, I’ll be there. If not, then I’ll have to try and help someone else win.”

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Losing Thielen isn’t an ideal situation for the Vikings, but it might be a necessary move to ensure the team has a path forward. Jefferson is the future, and some would argue he’s the franchise, and there’s no cost worth jeopardizing that.

That doesn’t mean the cost will be easy to stomach for Vikings fans, even if it’s the move that needs to be made.

Adam Thielen spoke on behalf of Over Easy Bars.