2023 NFL Draft Profile: Can Will Levis be the next Vikings franchise QB?

(Photo by Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports) Will Levis
(Photo by Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports) Will Levis /

What can we learn from the NFL Draft profile of former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis, who could potentially end up with the Minnesota Vikings in 2023?

With Kirk Cousins only under contract for one more season, the Minnesota Vikings could look to select a quarterback in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. Let’s take a look at the NFL Draft profile for former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis to see if he has what it takes to potentially lead the Vikings to success in the future.

NFL Draft Profile: Will Levis – Measurements and Testing Numbers


  • 6-foot-4
  • 231 pounds

Testing Numbers:

  • Vertical = 34 inches (79th percentile)
  • Broad Jump = 124 inches (95th percentile)

NFL Draft Profile: Will Levis – 2022 Stats

2022 Stats at Kentucky (in 11 games):

  • Passing
    • 65.4 completion percentage
    • 219 passing yards per game, 8.5 yards per attempt
    • 19 passing touchdowns, 10 interceptions
    • 151. 9 passer rating
  • Rushing
    • 72 carries
    • -107 yards, -1.5 yards per carry
    • 2 rushing touchdowns

Best Games in 2022:

  • Week 4 vs. Northern Illinois (31-23 win)
    • 18-for-26 (69.2 completion percentage)
    • 303 passing yards
    • 4 touchdown passes, 0 interceptions
    • 217.9 passer rating
  • Week 8 at Missouri (21-17 win)
    • 13-for-19 (68.4 completion percentage)
    • 170 passing yards
    • 3 touchdown passes, 0 interceptions
    • 195.7 passer rating

Worst Games in 2022:

  • Week 7 at Tennessee (44-6 loss)
    • 16-for-27 (59.3 completion percentage)
    • 98 passing yards
    • 0 touchdown passes, 3 interceptions
    • 67.5 passer rating
  • Week 8 vs. Vanderbilt (24-21 loss)
    • 11-for-23 (47.8 completion  percentage)
    • 109 passing yards
    • 0 touchdown passes, 1 interception
    • 78.0 passer rating.

NFL Draft Profile: Will Levis – 2022 Highlights

NFL Draft Profile: Will Levis – Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths of Will Levis:

“He has prototypical size and experience operating in a pro-style passing attack. He’s an athletic passer, with the ability to zip off-platform throws with plus velocity from a compact release.”

Lance Zierlein of NFL.com

“He’s at his best when he plays on time, flashing the ability to rip a pass into tight coverage as he hits his back foot in his drop. He’s comfortable in a muddied pocket and stands tall to go through his reads. He displays touch and accuracy deep, taking a little mustard off the ball at times to give his receivers a chance to come down with the catch.”

Danny Kelly of The Ringer

“The combination of his mobility and size can put man-to-man coverages in conflict. If left unaccounted for, Levis can scramble for big yards once he breaks contain. In addition, he expands the playbook with QB keepers, power, counter, and zone-read concepts.”

– Damian Parson of The Draft Network

Weaknesses of Will Levis:

“He sometimes locks onto receivers pre-snap and will prematurely commit to routes even when they’re covered up. He occasionally stares down his primary receiver, inviting defenders to close in early with his eyes, and he’ll look to force ill-advised throws with his arm.”

Ian Cummings of Pro Football Network

“The biggest thing holding back Levis is his footwork. He suffers from some of the more common mechanical issues we see in young quarterbacks, as he struggles to set his feet properly on throws outside of the hashes. When doing this, he loses accuracy and velocity on his throws.”

Zach Hicks of Horseshoe Huddle

“All the tools are there, but there were some frighteningly ugly games where he played far too much ‘hero ball’ and handed the ball to the other team.”

Natalie Miller of USA Today’s DraftWire

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