13 things we learned about the Vikings during the 2023 offseason

Notable departures highlight Minnesota's 2023 offseason
Minnesota Vikings rookie WR Jordan Addison
Minnesota Vikings rookie WR Jordan Addison / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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What We Learned No. 1

Minnesota is preparing for life after Kirk Cousins

With only one year remaining on his current contract, some thought the Vikings might agree to another extension with quarterback Kirk Cousins this offseason. But, so far, no new extension between Minnesota and Cousins has been signed, and there likely isn't going to be one offered before the start of the 2023 regular season.

With this decision, the chances of the Vikings moving on from Cousins as their starting quarterback are higher than they've ever been during his tenure with the franchise.

He's a good enough quarterback for what Minnesota currently wants to accomplish, and they may even attempt to bring him back for the 2024 season as well. But by letting Cousins head into the 2023 campaign with only one year left on his contract, the Vikings have made it pretty clear that they've already begun to think about replacing their current starting quarterback sooner than later.

What We Learned No. 2

Like most in the NFL, Minnesota didn't want to pay a running back

It's not crazy to say that some were shocked by Minnesota's decision to release longtime running back Dalvin Cook this offseason. But for those who have been paying close attention to what some of the most successful teams in the NFL have been doing during the last few years, the Vikings moving on from Cook wasn't a shock at all.

Before his release, Cook was scheduled to make $11 million in cash next season with Minnesota, in addition to having a cap hit of more than $14 million. The Vikings were willing to bring him back for another year if he agreed to a pay cut, but he said no, so the team said goodbye.