13 things we learned about the Vikings during the 2023 offseason

Notable departures highlight Minnesota's 2023 offseason

Minnesota Vikings rookie WR Jordan Addison
Minnesota Vikings rookie WR Jordan Addison / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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What We Learned No. 3

Justin Jefferson knows he's about to get paid

After not participating in any of the voluntary portion of Minnesota's OTAs this year, Justin Jefferson showed up and took part in the team's mandatory minicamp last week. The star wide receiver's appearance at Vikings minicamp relieved some stress for part of the fan base, as some feared he might hold out in order to land a lucrative contract this offseason.

But Jefferson knows he doesn't have to stage any sort of a holdout because he's already done enough in his career to be paid more than any other wide receiver in the NFL. Any time he's been asked about his contract this year, he's been quick to point out that he's focused on playing football and that any sort of extension will work itself out.

Jefferson wants to get paid big-time money, but he also knows that Minnesota is willing to give him almost whatever he wants to keep around. So he's not about cause any unnecessary drama over a contract extension that he's likely going to sign before the start of the regular season.

What We Learned No. 4

Danielle Hunter returning isn't a guarantee

On the other side of the ball, Danielle Hunter has taken the holdout approach in an attempt to land his own contract extension from the Vikings.

Hunter hasn't been at Minnesota's team facilities since the 2022 season came to a close back in January, and it's definitely possible that he might never be back.

Since he's only to make around $5 million in cash next season, it's easy to understand why the Pro Bowl pass rusher would like a new contract before he returns to the field. But is he looking to become the highest-paid pass rusher in the NFL, or is he just looking to land a deal that just pays something closer to what comparable players in age and skill are due to make in 2023?

It sounds like the Vikings would like Hunter to remain with them for the upcoming season. But if a deal can't be reached, Minnesota has already shown that they aren't to say goodbye to a longtime member of the franchise.