2024 Vikings Mock Draft: A new era begins in Minnesota

Which 2024 draft prospects might land with the Minnesota Vikings?
Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy
Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages
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Fifth-Round Pick No. 1 (141st overall)

T'Vondre Sweat - IDL (Texas)

The Vikings once again add to their interior defensive line, and with Jonathan Bullard, Harrison Phillips, and Jams Lynch all scheduled to be free agents in 2024, it makes sense to get multiple interior defensive linemen to add to the roster through the draft.

Sweat is strictly a nose tackle, but he is a master of his craft. The Texas Longhorn has a knack for filling up holes in the run game, and when he is on the field, he is usually one of the strongest men out there, resulting in an innate ability to penetrate through holes.

Sweat is going to struggle to put sacks on the board as he is on the slower side for defensive linemen, so when there is a mobile quarterback, he is going to be more useful in the run game than the passing game.

Fifth-Round Pick No. 2 (149th overall) via Cleveland

Danny Stutsman - ILB (Oklahoma)

Danny Stutsman is a dude, plain and simple. Stutsman can do it all, from coverage to rushing the passer to making plays in the run game. He is good at everything, but being good at everything can also be a mere negative for Stutsman because there are some questions regarding whether he has already reached his ceiling of what he will be as a linebacker.

Stutsman is going to be an absolute freak on special teams, and if he is asked to pay significant snaps, then any team should feel confident in his abilities. In Minnesota's case, Stutsman could very well become an immediate starter next to Ivan Pace Jr. in 2024 if the Vikings decide to move on from Jordan Hicks.

Stutsman has all the ability in the world to be a 90-100 tackle per season linebacker, but it might take some time to get there.

Fifth-Round Pick No. 3 (158th overall) via Kansas City

Blake Corum - RB (Michigan)

Did I say three Michigan Wolverines? I meant four! Do you want your new franchise quarterback to feel right at home from the second he touches down off the plane? Draft three of his best friends to come with him.

The idea of bringing the best running back duo in college football to Minnesota is too enticing to pass on for Kevin O'Connell and his staff. Corum is the best running back in college football, but teams are going to let him fall much farther than he should because of his size; 5-foot-8 and 200 pounds. But nobody is as electrifying with the ball in his hands as Corum is.

Both Corum and Edwards are high-quality pass catchers, but Corum, he struggles as a pass blocker compared to Edwards, and that will turn some NFL scouts away. Both Edwards and Corum can shine in an offense led by Kevin O'Connell and their college quarterback, J.J. McCarthy.

Both Mattison and Akers have done very little to warrant them being brought back in 2024, and Ty Chandler has not received enough opportunities to show the Vikings what he can offer. This unit needs fresh blood.