3 defensive and 3 offensive prospects the Vikings should watch at the Shrine Bowl

Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis
Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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Defensive Prospect No. 3

Leonard Taylor - DT (Miami)

The Vikings have to beef up their defensive line in this year's draft. They need to find a star and they also need to upgrade the depth of the group, as Harrison Phillips is the only remaining player on the roster Minnesota can rely on.

Leonard Taylor will be an intriguing option and one the Vikings should pay a lot of attention to this week at the Shrine Bowl.

Taylor stands 6-foot-3 and tips the scales at 305 pounds. He has a powerful lower body and can eat up blocks and clog running lanes.

Taylor is quick out of his stance and can get the jump on blockers, but he hasn't been overly productive in the sack department. He is a guy who is going to require a lot of double teams, which will help free up edge rushers and linebackers to penetrate gaps.

Taylor is still a work in progress and will probably need a year or two of seasoning before he starts maximizing his potential.

He can still be an effective defender as he learns, and he's someone who, with just his size and raw power, can help the Vikings control the line of scrimmage, and that's something the team has failed to do for years now.