3 disappointing takeaways from the Vikings win over the Panthers in Week 4

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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Disappointment No. 1

No Dalton Risner

Why sign Dalton Risner if you aren't going to play him? That was the question many Vikings fans asked when another game went by without seeing No. 66 take the field. It's hard to know at this point where Risner would even go in, but most assume it would be at right guard in place of Ed Ingram.

Ingram didn't have a horrible game, and that is the main reason why Risner wasn't brought in, but the problem is that when Ingram makes a mistake, it is usually a catastrophic one.

Late in the first half, Ingram missed Yetur Gross-Matos shooting in, and he was able to hit Kirk Cousins' arm as he was throwing the ball. This resulted in a lazy pop-up of a pass that easily landed in the arms of a Carolina defender.

This led to three more points for the Panthers and was another case of why the Vikings can't get out of their own way this season.

In the end, Minnesota was able to overcome this, but it's just another instance where Ingram's blunder is a game-changing type of mistake. We saw it in Week 1 when he knocked the ball out of Cousins' hands. In other defeats, he's the one allowing the pressure that blows up a play or has the flag that kills a drive.

Overall, Ingram was decent in this game, but now the Vikings have another option to go to when he does make a major mistake. Blowing that block that led to the interception should've been the last straw for Ingram in this one.

Instead of trying something different, Minnesota stuck with their second-year player, and that was very disappointing to see.