3 biggest disappointments from the Vikings win over the Bears in Week 6

What were some disappointing things we saw in the Minnesota Vikings second win of the 2023 season?
Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison
Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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1. Minnesota's Running Game

The Vikings' run game has been basically nonexistent all season long. The main reason for the lack of production on the ground is that there has been a lack of attempts. That can't be said for the Bears game.
Minnesota ran the ball 22 total times, with 18 of those going to Alexander Mattison and one going to Cam Akers. Brandon Powell and Kirk Cousins were also credited with carries.

Despite the commitment to the ground game, the Vikings only rushed for a total of 46 yards, as Mattison averaged a paltry 2.44 yards per carry. Chicago's run defense isn't horrible, but it was definitely an area the Vikings should've been able to take advantage of.

Minnesota's offensive line has graded out well in run blocking this season, so the lack of production is a little confounding. It makes one wonder if Mattison is part of the problem. Does he not see the holes that are there?

Seeing Akers get eight yards on his only carry makes one wonder if it's time we start seeing more of him. These two have the potential for a solid 1-2 punch, but that isn't going to happen when the carries are split 18-1.

With Justin Jefferson out for a few more games, the Vikings have to get this ground game going to keep pressure off of the receiving corps. Seeing all the carries and the lack of production from them against the Bears was very disappointing.