3 biggest disappointments from the Vikings win over the Packers in Week 8

The Minnesota Vikings won in Week 8, but they paid a big price

Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison
Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Minnesota's inability to run the football

The Vikings went into the Packers game with a running attack that was pretty ineffective. The team hadn't even scored a running touchdown this season and was about to face a run defense that was giving up over 140 yards a game on the ground.

This seemed like a great opportunity to get things turned around and many expected the Vikings to have their best rushing performance of the season.

The team did get their first rushing touchdown of the season, but getting consistent yardage on the ground once again proved difficult. The Vikings ran the ball 31 times but averaged just two yards per rush for a total of 62 yards on the day.

It's odd that Minnesota struggles to run the ball when their offensive linemen continue to grade out high in run blocking. One can point the blame at Alexander Mattison, and while he nearly got double the touches that Cam Akers did, Akers only averaged 0.2 yards more per carry.

The design of some of the runs could be part of the problem. The Vikings utilize a lot of slow-developing run plays with some delayed handoffs. This doesn't allow the back to hit the hole with much momentum, and usually, things are swallowed up before any holes appear.

The Vikings are going to need this run game to get going, as they will likely be rolling with an inexperienced quarterback the rest of the way. To see it falter again against a bad run defense like the Packers was very disappointing.