3 disappointments from the Vikings huge win over the 49ers

Even in a win, what were some things that could have gone better for the Minnesota Vikings in Week 7?

Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph
Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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2. KOC's lack of aggression

This one goes hand in hand with the first disappointment mentioned above, as the head coach's decision to take three instead of being aggressive and going for it on fourth down cost the team six points.

It would've been refreshing to see the head coach realize this team was 2-4 with basically nothing left to lose and play a little more recklessly.

Had Kevin O'Connell been more aggressive, this game could've actually been decided about midway through the fourth quarter, as the deficit would've been too large for the 49ers to overcome. Instead, he was cautious, and the Vikings fans were forced to sweat out another one-score game.

O'Connell also showed that lack of aggression late in the game. The Vikings had the ball inside the 50, and it was third down. The passing game had been working wonders at that point, and a conversion would've all but sealed the deal.

Instead of going for the dagger, O'Connell called a run play that took more time off the clock. It resulted in a 50-plus-yard field goal attempt for Greg Joseph that he, of course, missed. This gave the 49ers one last chance, but luckily Cam Bynum saved the day with a glorious interception.

Ultimately, the cautious approach paid off for KOC, but being aggressive is a tone-setting move that can change the identity of a team. The win is all that matters, but seeing the head coach lack that killer instinct was a bit disappointing.