3 disappointments from the Vikings huge win over the 49ers

Even in a win, what were some things that could have gone better for the Minnesota Vikings in Week 7?

Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph
Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Greg Joseph's missed extra point

Greg Joseph has actually been decent this season, but his disgusting habit from 2022 reared its ugly head against the 49ers.

After Jordan Addison made a highlight reel catch and an improbable score at the end of the first half that got the fans going nuts and the momentum strongly on the side of the Vikings, Joseph sucked that all away by missing the extra point.

What makes it so bad is that one point proved to be a huge factor in this matchup. It kept it a one-score game instead of two and allowed the 49ers to always be in the contest. A huge reason the Vikings were in so many one-score games last year was because of Joseph missing those extra points.

He did hit a couple of 20-yard field goals and an impressive 54-yarder, but again that missed extra point should be automatic. Seeing him miss one again gave us all flashbacks from last season, and now will make everyone on the team, in the crowd and watching at home, nervous when he lines up for what should be a gimmie point.