3 factors that could keep the Vikings out of the playoffs in 2023

The Minnesota Vikings currently hold the sixth seed in the NFC playoff picture

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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What could potentially stand in the way of the Minnesota Vikings wining enough games to qualify for this season's playoffs?

The Minnesota Vikings currently own the sixth seed in the NFC playoff picture. They are coming off two straight losses to teams they should've beaten. Mistakes in various areas by numerous members of the team prevented them from being in a nice cushy spot as the final five-game push to the playoffs commences.

These mistakes and areas of weakness have stood out in recent weeks and are the factors that could ultimately leave the Vikings on the outside looking in when the playoffs begin in January.

Hopefully, with the bye week, Minnesota head coach Kevin O'Connell was able to take an extended look at some of the team's issues and come up with solutions that will make the Vikings get back to playing the way they did during their five-game winning streak.

The biggest boost to this team will be getting All-Pro wide receiver Justin Jefferson back. He's a superstar and will make Josh Dobbs, or whoever Minnesota's starting quarterback is, look much better.

While getting No. 18 back will be big, let's go over a few factors that could be what causes the Vikings to miss the playoffs this season.