3 free agent do-overs for the Vikings from 2023

Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Duke Shelley
Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Duke Shelley / Tork Mason / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Do-over No. 1

Re-sign cornerback Duke Shelley

A few days after the start of the 2023 free agency period, it was revealed that veteran cornerback Duke Shelley had agreed to a one-year contract with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Despite finishing the 2022 season with the fourth-best defensive grade from PFF among all qualifying corners in the entire NFL, the Vikings opted to let the 26-year-old Shelley walk.

And it's not like Minnesota couldn't afford to re-sign him since the contract he signed with the Raiders is worth $1.3 million. Bringing Shelley back just obviously wasn't a priority for the Vikings this offseason.
ar, it's not like it would have cost them much to find out. Given Shelley's affordability and how well he played last season, not bringing him back for 2023 seems like a decision that has the potential to come back and haunt the Vikings next season.