3 free agent do-overs for the Vikings from 2023

Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Duke Shelley
Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Duke Shelley / Tork Mason / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Do-over No. 2

Don't re-sign kicker Greg Joseph

It's difficult to understand why the Vikings chose to re-sign kicker Greg Joseph this year when one looks at how poorly he performed in 2022.

People might point to Joseph's multiple go-ahead and game-winning kicks last season, but some of those might not have been necessary had he not failed to convert earlier field-goal attempts in a given matchup.

Joseph converted less than 80 percent of his field-goal tries and less than 90 percent of his extra-point attempts in 2022. He actually performed worse after Mike Zimmer left, who was believed by some people to be the kryptonite for Vikings kickers during his tenure with the team.

Did Minnesota really believe they weren't going to find a better option at kicker than Joseph this offseason? Veteran kickers like Brandon McManus and Greg Zuerlein were available earlier this year, and they wound up signing deals that are similar in cost to what the Vikings are paying Joseph for next season.

There were also three kickers selected in this year's NFL Draft, so Minnesota could have even gone that route instead of sticking with Joseph too.

Re-signing Joseph was just an incredibly puzzling decision made by the Vikings this offseason when they could have taken just a few more seconds to realize that there were much better options out there to choose from.