3 matchups the Vikings need to win in Week 8 vs. the Packers

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages
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The Minnesota Vikings are coming off an impressive win in their last matchup against the 49ers. What key matchups do they need to win in Week 8?

After starting out the season with an 0-3 record, the Minnesota Vikings now sit at 3-4 and hold onto the 7th seed in the playoffs. Minnesota just made a statement against an NFC top dog, and they now face off against their biggest rival with their eyes on getting to 4-4 and firmly back in playoff contention.

While these aren't the same dominant Green Bay Packers that Vikings fans have grown accustomed to facing off against in past outings, there is no team that can be taken lightly if Minnesota hopes to make a run.

No matter what the records are for either team, the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers are going to play each other as hard as possible every single time out, with this weekend being no different.

If Minnesota wants to go into hostile territory and get themselves back to .500, what are the key matchups that they need to win in order to secure the victory?