3 matchups the Vikings need to win in Week 5 vs. the Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce
Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Matchup No. 1

Byron Murphy vs. Travis Kelce

Will Byron Murphy be the man to cover Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce? That is yet to be seen. However, earlier this week, Murphy spoke with the media and made it a point to let everyone know that Minnesota is looking to use Kelce's public relationship with mega-star singer Taylor Swift against him.

Murphy poked the bear, so now it's time for the Vikings cornerback to back up his words.

Murphy's performance has been less than ideal in his first few weeks with the team, as he was presumably signed this offseason to be the top corner for Minnesota, and he has yet to live up to that role.

The Vikings face off against an entirely different beast this weekend against Patrick Mahomes and Kelce, bringing a lot of concern that the struggling Minnesota defense will be torn apart. Now, on top of that, Murphy has fueled the fire by talking trash to Kelce, putting even more pressure on the Vikings to perform.

Will Minnesota's secondary be up for the task? Or has Murphy written a check that the Vikings just can't cash?