3 matchups the Vikings need to win in Week 6 vs. the Bears

Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison
Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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The Minnesota Vikings head into Week 6 with a matchup against the division-rival Chicago Bears. Which matchups are going to be key for the Vikings in order for them to secure a victory?

If the Minnesota Vikings are officially in "tank mode," their matchup against the Chicago Bears will be the tell-all.

Though the Bears have looked solid recently, they are still one of the bottom teams in the league, meaning Minnesota should beat them if they are looking to garner a win.

This article will assume Minnesota is looking for a win this week, as who doesn't love a little optimism after such a tumultuous start?

Here are some of the key matchups that the Vikings need to win in Week 6 against the Chicago Bears.

Matchup No. 1

Vikings secondary vs. D.J. Moore

Would you believe me if I told you that no other Bears receiver caught a pass last week while D.J. Moore had all the receptions? Justin Fields has found his favorite target and has shown no problem with going his way early and often. Moore is an impressive player, so it is key for Minnesota to slow him down if they want to win.

If Minnesota can take Moore out of the game, they will force Justin Fields to look the way of receivers like Darnell Mooney and rookie Tyler Scott.

The Vikings are going to live with the other underwhelming receivers doing damage and hope that taking Moore out of the equation forces Fields into making a mistake. He is a player who has been prone to making one read, and taking away his first read is how the Vikings can gain an advantage.