3 matchups the Vikings need to win in Week 9 vs. the Falcons

Which in-game matchups will determine the outcome of Sunday's matchup for the Minnesota Vikings?

Atlanta Falcons running back Bijon Robinson
Atlanta Falcons running back Bijon Robinson / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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3. Kevin O'Connell vs. Adversity

Vikings head coach and main play-caller Kevin O'Connell faces his most challenging task yet since he was hired by Minnesota in 2022.

The Vikings will now be without their two best offensive pieces this weekend, quarterback Kirk Cousins and wide receiver Justin Jefferson. O'Connell has coached games where just one of them was unavailable. But to have both of them out in the same game is uncharted territory for Minnesota's head coach.

Working with a rookie quarterback and a No. 1 wide receiver who is also a rookie himself, how will O'Connell rally the troops and put together an offensive game plan that can work?

Fans aren't expecting the Vikings offense to come out on Sunday and score 50 points. But the offense needs to show some form of life to prove to everyone that O'Connell can get the job done for Minnesota, no matter the circumstances.

Having incredible offensive pieces makes O'Connell's job look easy, but now that those players are injured, it's time for him to show everyone what he's made of.