3 Minnesota Vikings we can now safely call busts in 2024

Minnesota Vikings safety Lewis Cine
Minnesota Vikings safety Lewis Cine / David Berding/GettyImages
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Not every selection in the NFL Draft ends up working out, so who are some of the recent draft picks made by the Minnesota Vikings that we can now call busts?

Busts are a part of the NFL and the draft process. The Minnesota Vikings and every other team in the league do everything they can to assure the player they take will pan out and be a contributor, but oftentimes unforeseen circumstances can lead to the player getting slapped with the death mark that is the bust label.

Usually, a three-year window is given to young players before this horrible moniker is bestowed upon their name.

It can take a young player a few years to acclimate to the NFL, and sometimes they are chosen with the thought they'll see spot duty and learn from a veteran before taking over. While that belief holds true for many prospects, for others it doesn't quite work.

Sometimes a player just doesn't show anything in year one, or year two. The players who are developing at least show some flashes or are seen in spot duty throughout the season.

Occasionally, highly drafted players just don't adapt to the NFL and fail to provide any sort of return on the investment their team makes in them.

Those are the players we are looking at today. These players have done little in their time in the league, and show no signs of turning things around.

So who are three current Vikings players we can now safely call busts?