3 Minnesota Vikings we can now safely call busts in 2024

Minnesota Vikings safety Lewis Cine
Minnesota Vikings safety Lewis Cine / David Berding/GettyImages
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Bust No. 3

DeWayne McBride - RB

Yes, it's not fair or probably smart to include a player going into their second year on a list where we are confidently calling players busts, but this is how far off McBride is.

He was an extremely productive player in college racking up a ton of yardage as the bell cow of the UAB Blazers, the only real knock was his top speed and propensity to put the ball on the turf.

He was called the steal of the Vikings 2023 Draft by many draft pundits and some even thought the rookie could push for carries this season.

He had a great opportunity to do that, with Alexander Mattison struggling and an injury befalling both Cam Akers and Kene Nwangwu. The reason he couldn't was because he couldn't make the team. The truth is, he shouldn't have even made the practice squad.

McBride was flat-out awful in the preseason. He ran scared in the touches he got, even turning his shoulder to avoid contact when running through the hole. He didn't show a single snippet of the confidence or ability he flashed consistently at UAB.

He deserved to be flat-out cut, but the team hung onto him probably because they used a seventh-round choice on him.

Rumors are swirling that the Vikings are going to either sign a free-agent running back or take one in the draft which would push McBride even further down the depth chart. A betting man would put money on the fact that it won't matter because he won't be on this roster again in 2024.