3 Vikings scapegoats from their Week 1 loss to the Bucs

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / David Berding/GettyImages
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Viking No. 2

Brian Flores - Defensive Coordinator

Brian Flores started out his tenure as the Vikings defensive coordinator on Sunda with a loss to a Baker Mayfield-led offense, which is less than ideal.

However, Minnesota's defense only let up 20 points, and seven of those points were after a Vikings turnover put the Bucs in prime field position. A questionable offsides call on the Tampa Bay field-goal attempt also extended another one of their offensive drives and ultimately turned three points into seven. 

Flores blitzed on a league-leading 47.2 percent of Minnesota's plays this past weekend, showing that he lives by the aggressive mindset. However, it only led to one sack for the Vikings, so there is certainly work to be done on the actual act of getting to the opposing quarterback.

Minnesota's defense also let the Bucs close out the game after getting crucial first downs to ice things, so it wasn’t an A+ game for Flores’ defense by any means. There were positives to build upon, however, and the defense still held their own despite the loss.

Flores and the Vikings' defense have a quick turnaround against a formidable foe in Philadelphia in Week 2, so let’s hope they can improve in their next game.