3 Vikings scapegoats from their Week 5 loss to the Chiefs

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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After their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5, which members of the Minnesota Vikings are receiving more blame than they deserve?

Nothing is going the way of the Minnesota Vikings this year, as the team lost another close match their last time out. With Minnesota sitting at an ugly 1-4 record, there is a lot of finger-pointing going around.

Everyone on the team deserves some blame for their rough start, as it's a team effort whether you win or lose.

There should be nobody safe from blame, but there are certainly some players who are getting more hate than they deserve.

Who are a few members of the Vikings being used as scapegoats for their tough Week 5 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs?

Viking No. 1

Brian Flores - Defensive Coordinator

Was the Vikings' defense perfect? No. But Minnesota's defense was able to hold the high-octane Chief's offense at bay for most of the day. Flores has kept the promise that Minnesota is going to be more aggressive, as his constant blitzing is relentless week after week.

It is becoming apparent each week, however, that Flores' relentless defense may not pair well with the personnel that the Vikings have. This isn't a shot at the players on the Vikings' defense; they've still been fine this year, but it's clear that some changes will need to be made this offseason to fit the scheme better.

First, it was Mike Zimmer who got blamed for a faulty defense, then Ed Donatell, who was warranted, and now it's Brian Flores. It's time to admit that the Vikings' defense needs a personnel change with their players. That elite defense is long gone, and the draft has done little to address this steep decline for years now.

This isn't an article to say that Flores is the answer at DC, but it is time to start admitting that the man leading the defense can only do so much with the pieces they are given.