3 Vikings scapegoats from their Week 5 loss to the Chiefs

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Kirk Cousins - QB

It's hard to really say what Kirk Cousins is at this point. The man everyone loved to hate is starting to make haters into believers after a solid outing against KC in which his receivers failed him with many drops.

Even Kirk's staunchest haters were at a loss for words after this recent game, not saying that he lit it up, but that he was let down.

No matter what Kirk Cousins does, though, there will always be a target on his back. Cousins spent a nice day with his family at a Twins game and was somehow attacked for that. It's time to get him out of Minnesota for his own sake.


He hasn't been perfect, but the way he has been constantly blamed is getting absurd. With Cousins out the door, it'll be time for the pessimistic fans to find a new schtick.

It's time for a change all over in Minnesota, and even though Kirk is a big fan of Minnesota, waiving that no-trade clause is the best choice for both sides.