3 reasons why Lewis Cine isn't a Vikings draft bust yet

Minnesota Vikings safety Lewis Cine
Minnesota Vikings safety Lewis Cine / David Berding/GettyImages
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Reason No. 3

Minnesota's defensive scheme change

When Lewis Cine was drafted by Minnesota, their defensive coordinator at that time was Ed Donatell.

Nobody could have predicted just how awful things could have gone with Donatell, and he was fired just a year into his tenure with the team.

With that being said, there is the probability that Cine was drafted so that he could fit in with Donatell's scheme, and now that Flores has taken over, there has been a complete shift for the young safety.

This is not to say that Cine can't fit into the Flores scheme, but with the abundance of good players at safety at Minnesota, and you add in a completely new look for the defensive scheme, Cine just doesn't have a place to go, yet.

New schemes work better for some players and hurt others, as every Vikings fan saw with Bynum after the change from Donatell to Flores.

Now, after a full year together, there shouldn't be any doubt that Flores should find a way to get Cine out on the field, but it all hinders if Cine is ready for that challenge.