3 reasons why the Vikings will beat the Falcons in Week 9

The Minnesota Vikings have a good chance to improve to 5-4 this weekend
Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter
Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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2. Jaren Hall can do what is necessary

On Sunday, the Vikings don't need Jaren Hall to be Kirk Cousins. With a simplified game plan for the rookie quarterback, he should be able to manage the offense well enough to help his team get a win.

Hall won't be Patrick Mahomes overnight, he might not even be Gardner Minshew-esque, but Minnesota head coach Kevin O'Connell will do what he can to prevent the rookie from making dangerous throws, and he will put him in the best situation to succeed.

One thing Hall has that Cousins doesn't is that he is fairly mobile. When the pocket collapses, Hall has an innate ability to move out of danger, which was noticeable when you turned on his college tape from his time at BYU.

Hall's mobility can help both the Vikings' run game and set up the passing game, making his and O'Connell's lives much easier.

Minnesota doesn't need Hall to be a world-beater on Sunday, but if they are going to win this game, they need him to be up to par.