3 reasons why the Vikings will beat the Bears in Week 6

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Jordan Hicks
Minnesota Vikings linebacker Jordan Hicks / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Reason No. 3

Minnesota's offense will be more unpredictable and creative without Jefferson

This is no slight towards Justin Jefferson at all, but most teams know where Kirk Cousins is going in crucial moments of the game. With Jefferson out, Kevin O'Connell is going to need to find new ways to create explosive plays for their offense.

The possibility of more 12-personnel comes into play, with both T.J. Hockenson and Josh Oliver on the field at the same time. We could also see the likes of Brandon Powell and Johnny Mundt get more involved in the passing game as well.

Most defensive coordinators try to phase Jefferson out of the game plan and cause Cousins to find other targets, but Chicago is going to have to hope they can consistently get to Cousins and disrupt his rhythm to have a chance in this game.

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