3 reasons why the Vikings will (probably) beat the Packers in Week 17

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Jaren Hall
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Jaren Hall / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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Reason why the Vikings will win No. 2

Jaren Hall will limit the turnovers unlike Nick Mullens

Jaren Hall's selection as Minnesota's starting quarterback for Sunday's game is a clear indication that the coaches are prioritizing the avoidance of turnovers over simply scoring points.

Nick Mullins has been putting up impressive numbers for the Vikings in recent weeks, but his propensity for turnovers has become a major problem.

In fact, some would argue that Mullins was solely responsible for Minnesota's losses in their last two games due to his poor decision-making. Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell is hoping that Hall, despite being a rookie, will be more careful with the ball and play smart.

To aid the rookie quarterback, Minnesota's offensive scheme will likely be simplified, and Hall will be encouraged to avoid bad throws that could result in turnovers.

The Vikings coaching staff is optimistic that Hall will be able to emulate the good aspects of his predecessors, Mullins and Josh Dobbs, while limiting turnovers.

Minnesota's offense has been rolling, thanks to Mullens, but his inability to stop throwing interceptions has been a significant issue. Hall has a chance to prove himself as the franchise quarterback going forward by putting up numbers like Mullens while also minimizing turnovers.

While there may be a turnover or two caused by the rookie quarterback, it seems highly unlikely that he'll throw three or four interceptions or have multiple fumbles.

So, this is a huge opportunity for Hall to prove his worth and show that he can potentially be the Vikings' future starter. His performance in the upcoming games will help determine whether or not he has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback.