3 reasons why the Vikings will beat the Saints in Week 10

The Minnesota Vikings have a good chance to improve to 6-4 on Sunday

Minnesota Vikings center Garrett Bradbury
Minnesota Vikings center Garrett Bradbury / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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3. Vikings offensive line will dominate the Saints defensive line

Last week, the Vikings' offensive line faced the absence of their star left tackle, Christian Darrisaw, and many expected a decline in the unit's performance. However, their backup left tackle, David Quessenberry, stepped up and surpassed expectations.

It looks like Darrisaw will be available for Sunday's game, and Saints' pass rusher Cam Jordan will most likely line up across from him for the majority of the game. New Orleans' only chance of generating a pass rush from the edge in this game will rely on the mult-time Pro Bowler.

On the other hand, Brian O'Neill has been one of the best right tackles in football for the past few years, and if Darrisaw is available, the Saints will have to pick their poison as to how they want to attack the Vikings' offensive line.

If New Orleans fails to create a pass rush, it could lead to multiple opportunities for Minnesota quarterback Josh Dobbs to throw the ball down the field consistently.

Saints cornerback Marshawn Lattimore will likely be covering Vikings rookie wide receiver Jordan Addison, who is a significant threat in this game. But if Lattimore keeps Addison in check, this could cause Minnesota wide receiver Brandon Powell to have a career game, especially if K.J. Osborn is unable to play due to the concussion he sustained last week.

The Vikings' depleted wide receiver room has created more opportunities for tight end T.J. Hockenson, who should play a crucial role in the passing attack on Sunday. Minnesota has struggled to generate a rushing attack in most games this season, but this will need to change if they want to go where they think they can in 2023.

Vikings running back Alexander Madison could have a significant impact on the result of the game. With Cam Akers out for the year, Ty Chandler is expected to see a significant snap increase, and he could provide the necessary boost to the run game.

However, ultimately, the success of Minnesota this weekend will depend on the performance of their offensive line.

With a home crowd behind them, the Vikings have a strong chance of extending their record to 6-4. Will they take advantage of the Saints' weaknesses and leave the field with a win on Sunday?