3 reasons the Vikings should be concerned about Alexander Mattison as their RB1

Minnesota Vikings RB Alexander Mattison
Minnesota Vikings RB Alexander Mattison / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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Reason No. 3

Lack of starting experience

Yes, Dalvin Cook was ahead of Alexander Mattison for the first four seasons of his Vikings career. But the fact that Mattison has only started six games during his time in the league is still significant.

If Mattison was good enough to start more games, then he might have made a bigger push to get out of Minnesota before his rookie contract ended to get a better opportunity.

Typically, running backs with six starts or less in their first four NFL seasons don't go on to become a top player at their position in year five or later. Tony Pollard of the Dallas Cowboys is a recent example, but he was basically splitting carries with Ezekiel Elliott last season, something Mattison was not doing with Cook.

If a running back isn't good enough to be a starter at some point within their first four years in the league, then why should we think they'll magically be good if they're given the opportunity to be a full-time starter?

It's also fair to question Mattison's durability as a starter. He's only missed one game in the last two seasons, but he's never been on the field for more than 35 percent of Minnesota's offensive snaps during his four-year career.


Mattison's snaps are very likely to increase in 2023, so will he be able to handle to extra pounding that his body is about to take each week? It's difficult to determine with his limited sample size, but in a sport as violent as football, it's completely fair to be concerned about how healthy Mattison can remain in 2023.

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