3 reasons why the Vikings are their own worst enemy in 2023

The Minnesota Vikings are entering the final stretch of their season, but are they their own toughest opponent?

Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison
Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Turnovers continue to be costly

The Vikings have lost five games this season, and turnovers have been a major part of that. It's odd because it just isn't a certain group of players making these mistakes.

We've seen running backs, quarterbacks, tight ends, receivers, and returners all cough the ball up. Even superstar players like Minnesota wide receiver Justin Jefferson have had costly fumbles that have directly led to losses.

The Vikings were extremely sloppy with the football early in the season, and then things kind of got cleaned up during the five-game win streak, only to see this problem rear its ugly head again against the Broncos last week.

There has been plenty of speculation as to why Minnesota has been so loose with the ball this season, and the consensus reason goes back to the fact the starters didn't play at all in the preseason.

Maybe that does factor in, or maybe it doesn't, but the Vikings are a team that can't continue to give their opponents the ball deep in their own end of the field. Minnesota also can't afford to take points off the board.

The Vikings have to get things cleaned up. They have a stretch of games coming up where they should clearly be the favorite. The only reason they could potentially lose those games is if they cough the ball up and keep the hopes of these lesser opponents alive.

Ball security and smart decision-making from the quarterback need to be preached ad nauseam every single day in practice and during the games. The turnovers have been Minnesota's stiffest opponent this year, and they have to do everything they can to keep them from happening.