3 reasons the Vikings should trade for Trey Lance and 2 why they shouldn't

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Reason No. 2 why the Vikings shouldn't trade for Trey Lance

Trey Lance hasn't succeeded with Kyle Shanahan

During his NFL coaching career, current 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has helped a number of quarterbacks reach the top of their potential. Some of the notable signal-callers that have achieved success with Shanahan through the years include Matt Ryan, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Matt Schaub.

Most recently, Shanahan was able to get the most out of Brock Purdy during the 2022 season, despite the fact that the quarterback was a rookie who was drafted in the seventh round. Purdy wound up helping San Francisco win all five of his starts in 2022 and his head coach certainly played a large role in those victories.

So why hasn't Trey Lance's tenure gone very well with the 49ers? Is it strictly because he hasn't had enough opportunities to get in-game experience or does Shanahan not know how to use a quarterback with Lance's versatile skill-set?

What worries some people when it comes to Lance is the fact that Purdy was able to jump right into San Francisco's offense so easily and quickly achieve success last season, while the former No. 3 overall pick struggled during his appearances as a rookie in 2021.

During his eight career appearances with the 49ers, Lance has only completed 54.9 percent of his passes and he's thrown for fewer than 200 yards in two of his three starts that weren't cut short by a freak injury. He's also only rushed for one touchdown on 54 career carries with San Francisco during the last two years.

Would Lance's struggles continue in a similar offensive scheme run by the Vikings or would Minnesota head coach Kevin O'Connell be able to make the proper adjustments to get the most out of the young quarterback in his offense?