3 scapegoats from the Vikings loss to the Broncos in Week 11

Which members of the Minnesota Vikings are getting more blame for the team's latest loss than they should?

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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After such a tough Week 11 loss to the Denver Broncos, which members of the Minnesota Vikings are receiving more blame than they deserve?

It has been a minute since we had to write about a Minnesota Vikings loss, as they had just rattled off an unexpected five-game win streak after starting the 2023 season with a 1-4 record.

After losing to the Denver Broncos this past Sunday, the Vikings now sit at 6-5 and still have a solid shot at making the playoffs this season, as they currently hold the No. 7 seed in the NFC playoff standings, with the 4-6 Green Bay Packers behind them as the No. 8 seed.

Obviously, Minnesota would have hoped for a win this past weekend, but all hope is not lost on the season after the loss.

The Vikings had every chance in the world to win against the Broncos, and while one could point the finger at some untimely missed calls by the refs as a reason for the loss, the truth of the matter is that Minnesota losing the turnover battle 3-0 just wasn't going to lead to a win regardless.

The whole team could have played better, as it was a rather mediocre outing from both sides of the ball, but there are some members of the Vikings who are getting more blame than they truthfully deserve.

So who are three members of Minnesota who are getting too much blame for the loss against Denver?