3 scapegoats from the Vikings loss to the Broncos in Week 11

Which members of the Minnesota Vikings are getting more blame for the team's latest loss than they should?

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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1. Joshua Dobbs - QB

With Josh Dobbs, many people need to remember that he has not even spent a month with the Vikings organization.

Dobbs had put up herculean efforts in his first two games with Minnesota, but when his play on Sunday night returned more back to Earth, some people were quick to point the finger at the quarterback for the loss.

Dobbs accounted for two of the Vikings' three turnovers on the night, but it's fair to argue that neither was completely on him.

His first turnover happened during Minnesota's first drive of the night, in which he ran the ball and fumbled after a vicious hit from Broncos safety Kareem Jackson.

Jackson has since been suspended for his hit on Dobbs, proving Vikings fans right that the refs missed the blatant call, which would have led to Minnesota keeping the ball and having penalty yards added to the drive.

Dobbs' second turnover was an interception that happened after Vikings running back Ty Chandler failed to hold a block on a blitzing member of Denver's defense, allowing the defender to hit the quarterback's arm as he attempted a pass.

It wasn't the best play from Dobbs, but it wasn't a blatantly terrible pass that he messed up on, as he was hindered in his motion.

Despite the rough turnovers for Dobbs, he still had a solid outing for Minnesota against one of the hottest defenses in the NFL.

That same Broncos defense held Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen to a combined one touchdown and four interceptions in their previous two games, showing that even some of the best quarterbacks in the league can struggle. Dobbs wasn't perfect, but he deserves some breathing room.