3 scapegoats from the Minnesota Vikings loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 16

Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell
Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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It was another disappointing loss for the Minnesota Vikings, as they had a chance at pulling off the upset against the Detroit Lions and fell just short in their efforts.

After weeks of having a firm hold on a playoff spot, Minnesota is now on the outside looking in, and with only two weeks left, things are looking very murky for the Vikings.

After such a tough loss, it is no surprise that fans are pointing the finger at everyone on the team and coaching staff for Minnesota's shortcomings against Detroit.

While there is no denying that it was a team effort in the loss, some members of the Vikings are receiving more blame than they rightfully deserve.

So, which members of the Vikings are being unrightfully used as scapegoats for the team's Week 16 loss to the Lions?

1. Kevin O'Connell - Head Coach

Minnesota head coach Kevin O'Connell has had some questionable decisions this season that many fans have been up in arms about.

This past weekend against Detroit, however, was not a game where fans should be calling for his job as the head coach.

Despite the four turnovers from his quarterback, the Vikings were still right in the game the whole way, and that was in large part due to a great game plan by Minnesota's offensive play-caller.

While many fans were upset with O'Connell for keeping Nick Mullens in the game, fans need to remember that just a few games ago, it was Josh Dobbs under center, who fans were not happy with either until he got benched for Mullens.

The grass is not always greener, as we have seen.

With all that being said, O'Connell has had some rough weeks this season for Minnesota, but this past weekend against the Lions was not one of them.