3 scapegoats from the Vikings loss to the Packers in Week 17

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Jaren Hall
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Jaren Hall / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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Vikings Scapegoat No. 2

Jaren Hall - QB

Jaren Hall did not have any resemblance of a good game this past weekend. However, Vikings fans are bashing the rookie for his poor performance a little too hard. Hall was given an almost impossible situation, and it played out that way.

While he missed some easy reads and simple throws, the fact that he was getting pressured on seemingly every dropback did him no favors this past weekend.

Getting pressured all day is a lot for any quarterback to handle, but with such an inexperienced quarterback, there was just no chance of succeeding.

Vikings play-caller and head coach Kevin O'Connell didn't do too many favors for Hall, as the game plan didn't help out the rookie quarterback and instead asked too much.

Hall did himself no favors with his own play, but fans need to ease off of him for what transpired this weekend. It seems as though it was destined to crash and burn before Minnesota even hit the field.

Vikings Scapegoat No. 3

Brian Flores - Defensive Coordinator

In what could potentially have been Brian Flores' final home game with the Vikings, the team went out with a sour taste in their mouths after letting Green Bay score 33 on them. It wasn't a great game for the defense at all, but Flores shouldn't have it all on his shoulders.

The harsh reality that Minnesota fans need to realize is that the personnel that is out there on defense just isn't great.

Current and previous general managers have failed even to attempt to build the defense up in the draft, as years of constant misses on players in the secondary have failed this team.

Minnesota has yet to draft a player on the defensive line since 2013, and it shows when the team can't generate pressure or fill holes on runs.

There is only so much that a defensive coordinator can do for a defense that lacks a lot of skill. We saw it with Mike Zimmer previously, and now it's hitting Flores too.