3 trades to make the Vikings championship contenders in 2023

Tampa Bay Buccaneers corner Carlton Davis
Tampa Bay Buccaneers corner Carlton Davis / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Trade Idea No. 3

Vikings Receive: Carlton Davis - CB
Buccaneers Receive: Andrew Booth Jr. and a 2024 second-round draft pick

There's no question, the Vikings cornerback room is a concern, and unless the Vikings brass does not expect to be competitive in 2023, then a move needs to be made for another veteran corner.

Tampa Bay is on the verge of a massive purge of their roster, as they are expected to be one of the worst teams in the league in 2023. Players like Mike Evans, Devin White, Chris Godwin, and Shaq Barrett all could be wearing a new uniform by the time the trade deadline passes.

For the Vikings, the one player they should call the Bucs about is cornerback Carlton Davis. Davis, when healthy, is a feisty corner who is scheme versatile, where he can thrive in man or zone coverage. There is no question he would instantly become Minnesota's CB1 if a deal was made.

Making a trade for Davis would allow the Vikings to keep Byron Murphy Jr. on the inside, where he excels, and this would give Brian Flores a corner he can trust to stay on an island week by week.

The price would be steep for one of the NFL's better outside corners, as a second-round pick would be just the starting point. In this scenario, Andrew Booth Jr. is thrown in along with the second-round pick.

Booth is just a disaster in Minnesota at this point, with reports that he struggled in mandatory minicamp. With the Vikings having other corners like Joejuan Williams and rookie third-round pick Mekhi Blackmon on their roster, they can afford to give Booth a change of scenery.


For Tampa Bay, Booth would be a nice piece to add to help them rebuild, along with an (expected) mid-second-round pick that may just be too good to pass on.

Could any of these moves put the Vikings back into Super Bowl contention?

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