3 unsung heroes from the Vikings win over the Raiders in Week 14

Which Minnesota Vikings were stellar under the radar in Week 14?
Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Harrison Phillips
Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Harrison Phillips / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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2. Josh Metellus - DB

Josh Metellus has made a serious push to be the best Vikings defender this season, and not many Minnesota fans would have believed this if they were told this could happen before this season began.

The Vikings' defensive Swiss army knife was once again making plays for Minnesota this past Sunday, as he has been doing so all year long.

While the Raiders were looking like they were in prime position to break the 0-0 tie, Metellus forced Las Vegas wide receiver Hunter Renfrow to fumble the ball, which allowed Minnesota rookie cornerback Mekhi Blackmon to recover the fumble and stop the Raiders' drive.

Las Vegas was only 20 yards from the end zone, in prime range for at least a field goal, and they ended up with nothing, thanks to Metellus.

The Vikings defender is now tied for the third most forced fumbles in the NFL this season, showing that he has truly been a game-changer for Minnesota this year.

After being primarily a special teams player for the first few seasons of his career, the 2023 campaign has been the Josh Metellus show in Minnesota, and he hasn't disappointed.