3 unsung heroes from the Vikings win over the Raiders in Week 14

Which Minnesota Vikings were stellar under the radar in Week 14?

Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Harrison Phillips
Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Harrison Phillips / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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3. Camryn Bynum - S

Cam Bynum is another Vikings defender who has made 2023 his breakout campaign. Considering his safety counterpart is Harrison Smith, it's crazy to say that Bynum has been the better safety for Minnesota this year, but there isn't really a debate about it. Bynum has reached star levels in 2023, a far cry from what Vikings fans saw just the year before.

Minnesota defensive coordinator Brian Flores has been a godsend for the team this season, as we are seeing players who were middling last year completely turn things around and shine in 2023.

Bynum is by far the best example of this, as his numbers have skyrocketed this year, and he has completely passed a majority of defensive marks from his 2022 season.

Bynum performed well again this past Sunday, providing a crucial pass breakup and being a general play-stopper all day.

Hats off to Bynum. He is a great example to football fans everywhere to never give up too early on a young player.