3 unsung heroes from the Vikings win over the Raiders in Week 14

Which Minnesota Vikings were stellar under the radar in Week 14?

Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Harrison Phillips
Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Harrison Phillips / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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What members of the Minnesota Vikings deserve more praise for their part in the team's win over the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 14?

This past Sunday's victory for the Minnesota Vikings was the epitome of "a win is a win." The game ended with the Vikings defeating the Las Vegas Raiders by a final score of 3-0, and those three points looked like they would never come around all day.

An offensive disaster paired with a defensive masterclass for both teams is the story of the game, but at the end of the day, that W in the win column is there whether Minnesota won 3-0 or 30-0.

As anyone would expect, this article is going to be very defense-heavy when it comes to praising the Vikings.

Minnesota's offense failed to show up for the better part of the entire game, with the lone standout being backup quarterback Nick Mullens after he took over for Josh Dobbs in the fourth quarter.

With that being said, which members of the Vikings deserve more praise for doing their part in the gritty 3-0 victory over Las Vegas this past weekend?