3 ways the NFL screwed the Vikings with the 2023 schedule

Kirk Cousins - Minnesota Vikings QB
Kirk Cousins - Minnesota Vikings QB / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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No back-to-back home games until Weeks 16 and 17

The NFL did the Vikings no favors when it came to the format for their home games for 2023. Minnesota will not play back-to-back home games until Weeks 16 and 17

Last season, the Vikings had three straight home games between Weeks 11 to 13, as well as a back to back home games during Weeks 15 and 16, where Minnesota ended up finishing 4-1 in those games.

For 2023, this will not be the case as the Vikings will alternate home and away games for the majority of the season along with back-to-back road trips during Weeks 8 at Green Bay and 9 at Atlanta as well as Weeks 14 at Las Vegas and 15 at Cincinnati.

However, Minnesota's lone homestand will come at the back end of the season, potentially when they need it the most. The Vikings will play back-to-back divisional home games against Detroit and Green Bay consecutively during Weeks 16 and 17. With Detroit being hard-pressed as the favorites to win the NFC North, Week 16 could have huge implications in the race for the division crown.

In the past seven seasons, the Vikings have the fifth-best record at home in the NFL, with a record of 39-18 during that time span. In 2023, Minnesota will not have a very friendly home schedule with visits from Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers, the defending super bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, and the NFC runner-up San Francisco 49ers in the first half of the season. The story of the 2023 Vikings could be defined very early.

In the same time frame, since 2016, the Vikings have a road record of 27-30. Minnesota is hoping to be well above .500 in this statistic at the conclusion of the 2023 season. With a beast of a home schedule, the Vikings will need to steal wins behind enemy lines if they want to have a successful 2023 season.