3 worst roster decisions made by the Vikings in 2023

The Minnesota Vikings have made some questionable moves with their roster this season

Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph
Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph / David Berding/GettyImages
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3. Re-signing Greg Joseph

It was borderline shocking when the Vikings re-signed kicker Greg Joseph after his 2022 season. He was far from perfect, hitting just 78.8 percent of his field-goal attempts and missing six extra points.

His missed kicks always proved to come at crucial times too, keeping lesser teams' hopes alive and putting Minnesota in meat-grinder types of finishes.

Despite all of this, the Vikings brought him back, and to no one's surprise outside of the organization, he's been just as bad this season, if not worse, than he was in 2022.

Joseph has hit 76.9 percent of his kicks this season, in addition to missing two extra points. What makes these misses even more concerning than a year ago is that Minnesota's offense isn't the explosive unit it was in 2022.

Vikings Pro Bowl quarterback Kirk Cousins has been lost for the season since Week 8 due to a torn Achilles, and the offense has also struggled to move the ball on the ground.

Minnesota has become a team whose strength is on defense, and points from the offense are hard to come by.

The Vikings cannot afford to have a kicker on the roster who misses nearly a quarter of the kicks he makes. Minnesota's offense isn't explosive enough to make up for missed kicks, and these final three games could all come down to the wire where every single point counts.

Bringing Joseph back for the 2023 season could end up proving to be a reason why the Vikings end up missing the playoffs if that horrifying scenario does come to pass.