4 former Vikings who failed with their new teams in 2023

Former Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook
Former Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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Irv Smith Jr. - TE

Unlike Dalvin Cook, Irv Smith Jr. was not a roster cut by the Vikings, but the team did not re-sign him in free agency during the 2023 offseason.

Instead, Smith took his talents to the Cincinnati Bengals. After he joined the team, some NFL fans were interested to see him work in the high-powered Bengals offense, but that never came to be.

Injuries have plagued Smith's career, and 2023 was no different. He only played in 12 games, finishing with 18 receptions for 115 yards and one touchdown.

Injuries have derailed the once-promising career of Smith, as many fans believed he would be the heir to the throne after Kyle Rudolph left Minnesota.

Smith's career certainly hasn't panned out as many had hoped, and 2023 was just another example of that.

Patrick Peterson - CB

Patrick Peterson spent two solid years in Minnesota before leaving the team in free agency last year to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Peterson's 2023 season in Pittsburgh wasn't overly terrible, but it proved that the Vikings made the right choice in letting him walk in free agency.

Peterson isn't a bad player by any means, but it is becoming more apparent that Father Time is nipping at his heels, as he recently turned 34, which typically isn't the prime age for top-end cornerback play.

Peterson played in 17 games for Pittsburgh in 2023, and while he was in pass coverage during the season, he allowed 38 receptions and four touchdowns.

The Steelers recently cut Peterson with a year left on his contract, showing that the team realized he's not the same Pat Pete of old.

Cameron Dantzler - CB

After the Vikings moved on from Mike Zimmer as their head coach in 2022, some fans believed that cornerback Cameron Dantzler would finally be out of the "dog house" and could get a shot to really play.

The dream did not last long with Dantzler, as after just one season with the new regime, he was waived by Minnesota during the 2023 offseason.

Some fans were puzzled by Dantzler's departure, but the 2022 season was a massive struggle for the Mississippi State product, proving that the Vikings were correct to move on from him.

After being waived by Minnesota, Dantzler floated around the NFL with four different franchises in the past year.

He appeared to be a promising player when he was initially drafted by the Vikings in 2020. But after just a few years in the league, it appears that he will likely never be what many hoped he could have been.