4 Vikings players barely hanging onto a 2023 roster spot

Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Esezi Otomewo
Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Esezi Otomewo / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Player No. 1

Oli Udoh - OT

Oli Udoh is an interesting case. He is a player who is lauded for being able to play multiple positions on the offensive line. The problem is, he doesn't play any of them particularly well.

He pulled the wool over our eyes at the end of last season when he had to step in for Brian O'Neill at right tackle. Udoh actually held his own, and many were stating that he had finally found his position.

He played well enough to get another contract with the Vikings and was seen as the primary backup to O'Neill at right tackle again this upcoming season.

After two preseason games, Udoh's job as the backup right tackle shouldn't be assumed, and his spot on the roster should also be questioned.

Udoh was awful against the Titans, getting dominated by second, third, and even some fourth-stringers. He is a veteran but looked lost, confused, and overwhelmed. With his experience, he should've been out there opposing his will on Titans' defenders instead of the one who was getting overpowered.

It was a sad showing and one that has to have Minnesota questioning the quality of depth on their offensive line and Udoh's place on it.